Brooks doesn’t mince its words about the main selling point of the “super-soft” Glycerin 15: it’s a neutral shoe designed to offer the utmost comfort. And let’s not dance around the issue – it delivers on that promise with gusto.

Short of strapping a couple of pillows to your feet, it’s hard to imagine a more comfortable shoe than the Glycerin 15. There’s a big chunk of cushioning and a plush upper that secures your foot in place snugly without being uncomfortably tight. Putting on the Glycerin 15 is like slipping your feet into a warm bath.

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The midsole of the Glycerin 15 is made from Brooks’s Super DNA material. The big claim of Super DNA is that it adapts to every stride you take to provide cushioning for wherever your foot needs it most. The benefits of this are meant to include increased comfort and a more springy feel, and the Glycerin 15 does provide a reassuring, supportive fit mile after mile. It shines on long steady runs where you’re out to enjoy yourself, rather than trying to smash a PB.

That’s not to say it’s useless for faster stuff. It’s a bulky shoe that shows off its cushioning, but it’s not all that heavy at 300.5g (men’s size nine). The upper on the 15 is also more streamlined and breathable than in past iterations of the Glycerin. I wore a pair on a couple of interval runs and a track session, and while that’s clearly not the shoe’s forte, it’s light enough to let you push the tempo.

Part of that is down to the smooth transition from heel to toe. Again, this is at its best on long, steady runs, where the soft transition helps the miles roll by, but it’s also noticeable when upping the pace on the flat.

One negative on the Glycerin 15 was that the grip on wet pavements was a bit lacking. A little extra concentration is required when rounding corners in the rain – nothing too taxing, but worth noting.

At £135 the Glycerin 15 is not a cheap shoe and it’s not got the looks to be worn for anything other than running. However, it is a durable and supremely comfortable shoe that will make the many miles you run in it a joy. £135, buy on